myoskeletal massageHarmony Haney RN, LMT

Having grown up in a family of bodywork practitioners, Harmony has always had a deep appreciation for and fascination with the physiologic and energetic components of health and wellness. With a decade of experience in both eastern and western health care settings as a massage therapist and registered nurse, Harmony uses a combination of modalities to holistically assist the body back into it’s natural state of balance.

With an emphasis on whole body health; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, each therapeutic massage session is specifically tailored to assess and treat a vast array of needs using her extensive background in both traditional and nontraditional healing. Her training has included but is not limited to swedish, deep tissue, Thai, hot stone, cranial sacral, reiki, reflexology, myofascial, and myoskeletal massage therapy techniques.

*In addition to practicing at Body Aware, Harmony is the cofounder and herbal consultant at Curious Cat Elixirs, offering a specialty line of infused vinegar tonics.




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