Healing Print

Rebecca Strack LMT

Rebecca Strack LMT, Manager Lead Therapist

With nine years of experience in healing work, Rebecca draws from a spectrum of scientific, traditional, and intuitive modalities. Her technique is a fusion of her expertise in working with breath and body in the quantum energetic field, combined with scientific knowledge attained through formal training and licensing as a massage therapist. To empower and heal the body, she creates a specialized session from her broad range of styles. She is compassionate for the process of each client’s individual transformation, and her guidance will assist your commitment to health and centered well-being.
Rebecca’s signature service, Healing Print is the fusion of masterful energy work integrated with a tailored therapeutic massage. Rebecca’s energy healing creates hands-on energetic field through breathing techniques and postural alignment melting physical trauma or emotional stress. Healing Print unique combination empowers clients rejuvenation of the body, mind, and spirit.






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