Professional Organizing meets Massage Therapy in a
Revolutionary Approach to Wellness

Organizing our belongings and resources extends beyond our homes and workplaces. We carry our chaos in our most sacred of temples: our bodies. When the overwhelm of our physical space begins to encroach upon our capacity to show up in the world, it appears in our bodies as well.

Who is Kira Rodenbush, Spacetamer?

I am a massage therapist and mama with a work history of customer service, office management, inventory control, and soft tissue manipulation. I am a big believer in our body being the perfect vehicle for our soul in this moment, and that the solutions we seek are here in the room with us.

With over a quarter century of professional organizing experience (in both NYC and Portland) and nearly two decades as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), I have tempered a particular lens through which I meet my clients in their spaces. I have found, more often than not, correlations between the ways we store our stuff in our bodies and in our homes. Specifically, we tend to squirrel things away into nooks and crannies to be dealt with later; however, once we cram something into the back of a closet or down deep into our bodies, we may lose the awareness or impetus to process it. Further, we may grow so complacent living without said item or insight that we forget that we even have it.

My occupations have provided me with unique opportunities to observe people in their homes and bodies, in motion and at rest, and I have actively developed a keen eye for where layers of stuff overlap; meaning, folks tend to cultivate habits that manifest holographically. Whether tangled cords are in drawers or in knotted necks, our patterns of compartmentalization run deep.

I have a very specific toolkit, honed to produce multi-dimensional results. I am here to help you identify how and where tensions collect within your home and body, thereby limiting range of motion within both containers. 

I won't tell you to get rid of your stuff.

I am here to help you get a handle on it. You may have several half-utilized solutions already, just waiting to be employed. My aim is to listen to what's working, support you in pursuit of that, and honor and celebrate the very physical endeavor of reclaiming your space and serenity.

What is Spacetaming?

Spacetaming is a process of streamlining your environment which includes a dedicated commitment to therapeutic bodywork throughout the endeavor.  

Spacetaming is about listening to the client, yes ... and also to the space, the stuff, and the body.

Cutting a path through our current culture is nearly impossible without leaving a spray of debris in our wake, and our bodies bear the brunt of a speed-of-life that is daunting to sustain. Striking balance in an unpredictable and unsettled world creates its own additional exhaustion.

Regular massage, as with consistent maintenance of our personal space, incentivizes us to take stock of what serves and to release what impinges. Combining an intentional inventory with a concurrent investment of self-care is an extremely effective way to ensure that what you choose to remove is completely released from your realm.

I am here to help you design the organizing system that best harnesses your natural flow. Simultaneously, seeing you as a massage client guarantees the movement of your clutter all the way out of your experience. 

A basic Spacetaming session includes:

  • Four (4) hours of personal organizing time.
  • One 15-minute midweek video chat/progress report.
  • One 60-minute therapeutic massage (scheduled separately).
  • Responsible removal of discarded or donated items from space.

Spacetaming packages are customized to suit client needs, based on the size and scope of your project. Follow-up sessions and maintenance plans are available upon completion of your Spacetaming.

When can I begin Spacetaming?

There's no time like the present! Whether you are trying to manage a busy household and just can't seem to find your groove, or you're in the midst of major transformation and needing a full personal and environmental reset, I am available to facilitate the reclamation of your calm. We can work zone by zone, room by room, or we can commit to tackling the whole scene.

Where does the Spacetaming magic happen?

We start Spacetaming in your home. Once we've managed your designated space, it's important to reward yourself with a hard-earned massage. Outcall bodywork sessions are encouraged, as receiving in one’s home is an exquisite way to reinforce the safety and healing provided in our own personal sanctuary. There is no greater bliss than rolling off of a massage table into the coziness of your best nest. Spacetaming clients are also welcome to see me at Body Aware Massage, located in NE Portland at 23rd and Alberta, just above Townshend's Tea.

Why wait? Book your Spacetaming session now!

Acknowledging the imprints that our belongings leave on every level of our experience gives us the opportunity to address our tendencies to accumulate and stagnate. From the twinges of guilt associated with consuming or releasing our things; to having to accommodate and negotiate our own physical space; to the sheer exhaustion that comes from staying on top of it all, these objects and habits inevitably show up in our stories and our lives, literally limiting and restricting our ranges of motion.

By combining consistent massage with
an intentional personal inventory,
we actively assume responsibility
for the tales we tell.

When we effectively edit ...
we can write
whatever stories we choose.  

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