About Us

Body Aware Massage is a cooperatively run wellness spa located in the Alberta Arts District of NE Portland since 2008.  

We offer the luxury of a spa with the personal attention of a private practice. Our practitioners each come from diverse backgrounds and have extensive training in a variety of modalities. By working together we are able to offer more to our clients than any one of us could do on our own. We are open 7 days a week from 9am to 7:30pm. 

Therapist Bios

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Aradia Willow LMT

Aradia is a massage therapist and the owner of Body Aware Massage. She grew up in Eugene, where she completed her massage therapy training in 1998. Since receiving her license, […]

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Rebecca Ballard LMT

Rebecca graduated from the Oregon School of Massage in 2013, but has many more years of experience as a healer, drawing from a spectrum of scientific, traditional, and intuitive modalities. […]

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Travis Jonquil LMT

Travis Jonquil graduated from the Oregon School of Massage. His blended style is the result of years of study, and incorporates elements of Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial integration, and […]

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Harmony Haney RN, LMT

Harmony grew up in a family of bodywork practitioners, and has always had a deep fascination with the physiologic and energetic components of health and wellness. With a decade of […]

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Kira Rodenbush LMT

Kira graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in 2002 and has extensive experience with prenatal and postpartum massage, as well as grief and trauma support through massage. […]

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Questions About Us

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My insurance covers massage. Which therapists can I see?
Each therapist in our office is contracted separately with each different insurance company. See list below to find the therapist that is covered by your plan. * Please note: Harmony Haney and Kira Rodenbush are not accepting health insurance at this time. 
Insurance Type Therapist In Network
Regence Blue Cross Blue ShiedAradia, Rebecca, Travis
Pacific SourceAradia, Rebecca, Travis
AtenaAradia, Rebecca, Travis
ProvidenceAradia, Rebecca, Travis
First Choice HealthAradia, Rebecca, Travis
Kaiser/CHP Self ReferredTravis * Waiting list for new clients*
Auto Accident Personal Injury Protection (MVA)Aradia, Rebecca, Travis, Harmony, Kira
What does a massage therapist’s license or certification mean?
A license means that a massage therapist has met the requirements and paid the fee to legally practice massage in your city, county and/or state. To obtain a license, a massage therapist will usually have to complete a minimum number of training hours at an accredited or accepted school or training center. Further, licensing ensures that your therapist is maintaining the standards that the collective body of massage professionals has set forth to fully protect the client. Beyond, the requirements for Oregon include regular and consistent renewal of first aid/CPR certifications, continuing education units to expand skill sets and practical applications, and ethics courses for evolving awareness around holding healing space.
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