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Nichole Strasser LMT

Nichole brings over 15 years of dedicated experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in a broad range of therapeutic techniques, including Relaxation/Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Ashiatsu Barefoot Deep Tissue, and Table Thai.

Her approach to massage therapy is deeply integrative and rooted in a holistic understanding of wellness. Nichole combines her extensive scientific knowledge with intuitive insight and creative techniques to tailor each session uniquely. She creates an atmosphere of calmness, compassion, and mindfulness, ensuring a therapeutic experience that addresses physical concerns and fosters overall well-being.

Throughout her career, Nichole has been committed to her professional development, continuously expanding her repertoire of skills through advanced study and practice in new modalities. This dedication to learning ensures that she provides exceptional, personalized care to every client. Known for her professional warmth, dedication, and ability to deliver transformative, effective massage therapy, Nichole is a trusted practitioner who genuinely invests in her clients' journey toward health and relaxation.