Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is our standard massage therapy service.

Each session is customized based on your preferences. A therapeutic massage can be any combination of relaxing Swedish massage, firmer deep tissue massage, or targeted trigger point therapy. Our therapists will always take time before your session to find out what you want to address and what style of massage and pressure is right for you. A therapeutic massage can be upgraded to include any of our signature add-ons: CBD massage oil, hot stones, aromatherapy, and steam towels.

At Body Aware, we are committed to quality of care and personalized focus.

Every session includes time beforehand for a short intake, and extra time for you to get on and off the table. This ensures that your scheduled massage time is devoted entirely to massage. We guarantee if you pay for a hour massage, you get an hour massage!


60 Minutes $85
75 Minutes $110
90 Minutes $125
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