Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

1 hr $85
75 Mins $100
90 Mins $120


Therapeutic Massage is any combination of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, or myofascial release. Each session is tailored to fit your needs. Speak with your therapist about the type of session you prefer. All of our therapists are skilled in multiple modalities and can combine several techniques to create your ideal session.
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Head Massage

Prenatal Massage

1 hr $90
75 Mins $105
90 Mins $125

Pregnancy is an important time for body care, and our therapists are all well-versed in the
special considerations of pregnancy. Prenatal massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women. Specially-designed massage cushions and side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen.
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Couples Massage

Couples Massage

1 hr $175
75 Mins $205
90 Mins $260

Relax with your partner as you both receive therapeutic massages side-by-side. Our studio provides the ideal cozy atmosphere for couples massage.
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Medical Massage

Medical Massage

1 hr $120
75 Mins na
90 Mins na

Massage Therapy is proven to speed up the healing process by more than 50%. Medical massage is designed to decrease pain, improve range of motion and reduce scarring within the soft tissue structures of ligament, tendon, and muscle after an injury. Medical massage can include advanced deep tissue techniques, trigger point therapy, heat packs and myofascial release. Treatment can also include manual therapy such as gentle stretching to improve mobility and flexibility. Service includes an initial evaluation, detailed chart notes, range of motion tests, and massage targeted to your areas of concern. When appropriate we can coordinate your treatment with other health care practitioners, and submit bills directly to your insurance company.
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East/ West Fusion

Speciality Fusion

90 Minutes $135

Each of our therapists has a unique speciality. These sessions were designed to highlight the best of what each therapist has to offer. All fusion sessions are 90 minutes long to allow for total immersion and deep relaxation. Each fusion session includes a classic therapeutic massage (either Swedish or Deep Tissue) expertly fused with any ONE of these services:

* Ashiastu Deep Barefoot Therapy
* Quantum Energy Healing “Healing Print”
* Shiatsu Fusion with Travis Jonquil
* Craniosacral
* PostNatal Outcall
* Individualized stretch and strengthen instruction.
* Tool assisted myofascial release.
* Reflexology
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cbd oil


CBD+++ Massage Oil $10
Hot Stone $15
Aromatherapy and Steam Towels $10
‘The Works’ All of the above. $30

Rebooking Discount: $10 Off monthly massages