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Medical Massage

Medical massage is focused on treating pain and injury complaints.

If your insurance covers massage or manual therapy services, schedule your appointment as Medical Massage to ensure you are booking with a therapist in network with your plan. These sessions include an initial intake, assessment, 55-minute massage treatment, and progress charting.

Medical Massage can also include elements of relaxation, deep tissue, or a specialized modality. Depending on your needs. Therapeutic exercise and Neuromuscular re-education after your session are included.

Medical Massage can cut your healing time in half by decreasing pain, improving range of motion, and reducing scarring within ligaments, tendons, and muscles. This type of massage is often recommended for individuals experiencing consistent pain and muscle tightness or those recovering from certain injuries. It focuses on specific problem areas, relieving deep-seated tension and improving mobility.

We can coordinate your treatment with other healthcare practitioners and submit bills directly to your insurance company when appropriate. If you have questions about using insurance towards your visit, see our insurance FAQ page for more details. 

If you plan to use an HSA account or want to bill out-of-network and will be paying at the time of service, you are welcome to book any of the services, and we can provide a coded receipt or "superbill."

We do not bill insurance for massage sessions longer than 55 minutes, but additional time can be added at the rate of $35 for a 15-minute add-on or $57.50 for a 30-minute add-on.

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