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Couples Massage Training - Private Class

Massage Instruction for Couples: Learn to massage like a pro!

Learn therapeutic massage in a personalized private training session with experienced LMTs.

Our Couples Massage classes are a rewarding way to give and receive massage while learning new skills you can practice at home.

The 90-minute training includes a demonstration of a short massage protocol and time for each partner to practice on the other with the instructor's guidance.

Each training session is targeted to your areas of concern and individual requests. You'll learn basic therapeutic massage concepts and how to adapt professional techniques to practice at home, avoid common mistakes, and learn tips and tricks to apply pressure safely without hurting your hands.

You can choose from various bodywork techniques, such as a clothed massage sequence on a mat on the floor or seated in a chair. Or a Swedish/Therapeutic style session on a massage table using oil or lotion.

The LMT instructor will leave the room when you disrobe, maintaining professional draping and a safe environment to learn and practice.

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Couples can be any pair of people, so yes--you're welcome to bring a friend or family member. All expressions of relationships and bodies are welcome in this healing space!

$190 for 90 minutes

Class for two people
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