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Couples Massage

Discover the Ultimate Couples Massage Experience on Alberta Street, NE Portland

In the lively Alberta Arts district of NE Portland, Body Aware offers couples massages that invite you to relax and connect. Perfect for a romantic evening or a day of care with a loved one, our massages for two blend relaxation with togetherness beautifully.


60 Minutes | $220
75 Minutes | $300
90 Minutes | $340

Diverse Needs, Unified Experience

At the heart of Body Aware's couples massage is the ability to make it your own. Whether you want to add Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Cupping/Guasha, Aromatherapy & Steam Towels, or a prenatal cushion for Prenatal Massage, we can accommodate your preferences. The experience starts with a basic relaxation massage, with the choice to add unique treatments for one or both participants.

Interested in learning therapeutic massage to practice at home?

Besides enjoying a couples massage, you can also learn to massage each other in our Couples Massage Training - Private Class. This special opportunity, led by our experienced therapists, teaches you massage techniques in a 90-minute, hands-on class tailored to your interests. You'll pick up professional tips and learn to give massages safely and effectively at home. It’s ideal for couples wishing to enhance their care for each other. For more information, please visit our Couples Massage Training page.

Your Couples Massage Awaits on Alberta Street

With Alberta Street's vibrant restaurants, coffee shops, and galleries, a couples massage offers a chance to make lasting memories. It's more than a massage; it's a shared moment of care and connection, an opportunity to unwind at our award-winning massage spa in Portland, Oregon.

Body Aware welcomes all couples. Whether celebrating a special occasion or trying a professional massage for the first time, our team is committed to ensuring your experience is safe, comfortable, and restorative.

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