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Couples Massage

*Note on scheduling: due to limited staff and an increase in demand Couples Massage is currently being scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance. We hope to expand our availability in the coming months. Thank you for your continued support!

Couples Massage offers 2 clients the opportunity to receive bodywork in the same room on tables side by side.

To book an appointment send us an email. Please leave a phone number and a good time to reach you and let us know your ideal days and times.

A couples massage is more than a lovely addition to a romantic date night; it’s a wonderful way to spend a special day together with a friend or family member. Perhaps you have a dear friend, family member, or significant other who has never received bodywork has reservations about the benefits of massage, and is nervous about going alone. Couples massage can be an opportunity to introduce someone you care about to the world of self-care. All couples are respected.

Benefits of Couples Massage

  • Creates a memorable special occasion
  • Reduces stress
  • Soothes sore muscles
  • Rejuvenates connection
  • Share a nurturing time

Questions about Couples Massage

Who receives a Couples Massage?

Any two people who are comfortable receiving massage in the same room are welcome!

What makes it different than a regular massage?

 Beyond the bliss of bodywork, receiving a massage with a significant other or loved one creates a memorable experience of nurturing, complementary to most any celebration. Your session takes place in much the same way as an individual session, with each therapist matching up with a client and doing an individual intake. Therapists will then leave the room while clients disrobe to their comfort level. Upon returning to the room, LMT’s will check in with respective clients and proceed with the session as scheduled.

When is a good time for a couples massage? 

Taking the time to provide space for a shared connection is one of the most generous displays of commitment that a person can offer; the therapists at Body Aware understand and appreciate the responsibility of helping you craft your special time, whether the event is a birthday, holiday, engagement, anniversary, or simply an opportunity to say, “I love you.” 


$180 Hour
$220 90 Minutes
$260 90 Minute
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