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This gentle bodywork supports the soft tissues around the central nervous system, cranial sutures, and spinal and sacral joints.


60 Minutes | $115
75 Minutes | $140
90 Minutes | $160

Craniosacral flushes and balances the cerebrospinal fluid that washes over the brain and down the spinal cord to the sacrum. With a pulse separate from the circulatory and respiratory systems, the therapist can assess each rhythm to guide the areas most needing replenishment. This modality is gentle and subtle yet potent for stress relief and ease pain.

Craniosacral can:

  • Ease acute and chronic pain  
  • Soothe muscle spasms
  • Address postural issues
  • Correct long-term musculoskeletal misalignment
  • Rehabilitate strains, sprains, tears, and breaks
  • Alleviate symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • Ease anxiety and depression
  • Prevent headaches and migraines
  • TMJD
  • Alleviate mental and emotional trauma
  • Relief of autoimmune disorder symptoms
  • Better regulation of the Autonomic nervous system
  • Support of sensory/spectrum conditions


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